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Music Class

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Music, Art and Dance are scientifically proven to enhance young student’s intelligence, creativity and coordination. It’s never too late to start enriching your learner’s performance both inside and outside of the classroom.


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 Music, Dance, Art 

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Character Academy

Our Programs

We offer a wide variety of classes, topics, program styles, ensuring that we have a right fit for your learner at any experience level!

Dance Class


Engagement in dance promotes mental, emotional and physical development. Practicing dance also improves balance, flexibility and the overall fitness of participants while simultaneously improving one's spatial awareness. 

Music Class


Research has shown that practicing music can improve memory, develop social skills and enhance discipline as well as patience.  Music is also an excellent form of self-expression. It can help lower anxiety, decrease stress and is an excellent way of connecting with others. 

Paint Brushes

Visual Art

The practice of visual art is shown to increase creativity and innovation skills. Participants will learn to self -evaluate, hold themselves accountable and grow in confidence as they complete each project. 

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for students to cultivate discipline, resilience, and other key character traits in a healthy, fun, rewarding environment, while developing lifelong skills

and appreciation for the fine arts.

Hip Hop Choreography
Music Class
Painters Palette
Acrylic Paint
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